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​Book Elizabeth today as your Keynote Speaker for your meeting, training, group gathering or event.  An example of one of Elizabeth's topics is Radical Forgiveness 101 - an introduction to the concepts of Radical Living along with an experiential exercise.  Duration is 50 minute or can vary depending on needs. Following is an outline of this topic: 

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Radical Forgiveness - Radical Empowerment
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                                 RADICAL FORGIVENESS 101

Do you, or someone you know, have a relationship that could use some healing, some forgiveness maybe?  Are you tired of holding onto anger or blame?  Would you like to find peace in any or all of your life situations?  

If you have answered "Yes", or "Maybe", or even "I think so" to any of the above questions, this information is for you.  It could be your "game changer"!

In Radical Forgiveness 101, you will receive the following information:

(1) the fundamental basics of Radical Forgiveness;

(2) how and why it differs from other forms of forgiveness; and

(3) the Five Stages of Radical Forgiveness.

And, an opportunity to experience one Radical Forgiveness tool!