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Elizabeth, your Radical Living Master Coach

Radical Living

Radical Living is a way of life, a lifestyle anyone can step into by using the strategies and tools associated with any or all of the Radical Living concepts.  There are four strategies Colin Tipping, the Founder of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness, Inc., created to follow in order for you to be able to create and maintain a Radical Living lifestyle. These four strategies are Radical Forgiveness, Radical Empowerment, Radical Manifestation, and Radical Transformation.

Each area comes with its own specific set of tools and programs to support you in clearing up the past and releasing the anger, blame and judgments that are currently preventing you from living the life you want, and to support you in creating, manifesting and maintaining the lifestyle you deserve through Radical Living.

Radical Forgiveness:

This is the foundation of the Radical Living strategies.  This is where you will have opportunity to release those past stories that are keeping you feeling like a victim, and to forgive those whom you feel have hurt you through using the proven tools. By doing this you are shifting your energy as well as raising your vibration.

What one learns in this strategy are the assumptions upon which the tools are based, and how Radical Forgiveness differs from Traditional Forgiveness that allows it to create quick and lasting results.  You will also learn the Five Stages to Radical Forgiveness in detail and how they are embedded into all of the tools.  The Five Stages to Radical Forgiveness are (1) Tell the story; (2) Feel the feelings; (3) Collapse the story; (4) Reframe the story; and (5) Integration.  

One of the tools you will learn how to use is the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet. This worksheet will take you through an entire issue, allowing you the opportunity to release it once and for all thereby healing the issue.  Since all of worksheets in the Radical Living strategies are similar to this one, once you master one, the rest will follow very easily.   

You will also have the opportunity to learn about some of the other tools, like the three letters and the 13 Step audios.

Radical Empowerment:

This is the strategy where you work on empowering self and increasing your self-esteem and confidence.  You will use the tools for self-forgiveness and self-acceptance to work on reclaiming your own power.

In general, people find it more difficult to forgive themselves than others.  The tools associated with self-forgiveness and self-acceptance help to make this an easier process.  

Radical Manifestation:

Learning how to be a powerful manifester and consciously creating your own life is an incredible way to live a radical life.  The strategies, tools and education in this section will support you in becoming a successful, conscious manifester by using your Spiritual Intelligence and by-passing the mind (where the resistance lies).

You will also learn about your money beliefs and have the opportunity to recognize some of the ways you are currently sabotaging your own financial situation.  You will also have the opportunity to identify your income set-point and learn ways to increase it.  And you will have the opportunity to release what is keeping your vibration low and getting in the way of manifesting (or calling to yourself) that which you desire.  The higher your vibration, the easier it is to manifest.

Here is where you would bring in the Radical Forgiveness tools to assist you in releasing the negative beliefs and feelings that you may have around manifesting, money, and/or creating abundance, etc.

Radical Manifestation comes with its own set of assumptions and a six-step process to manifesting, which you will be reviewing in detail. Learning to be a powerful manifester is a process that takes time as you need to build up your confidence in being able to effectively, consciously manifest, and raise your self-esteem in believing you deserve to receive it or have it.  

Remember, whatever you have in your life right now, the good and the not so good, you have manifested.  So in order to create something different, you will need to do some things differently.  Radical Manifestation has the proven strategies, tools, and education to make it happen.  

Radical Transformation

It is possible to use the Radical Forgiveness tools on world events.  Let's say you are watching the news and a particular story is very upsetting to you.  You can use a Radical Transformation Worksheet to move the energy through you so it does not get stuck, thereby keeping your energy positive and vibration high.  The ripple effect is that by doing this, you can also send love to the situation.

Radical Transformation worksheets can be used on any world event. Just imagine what might happen if hundreds, or even thousands, of people around the world are simultaneously doing a Radical Transformation worksheet on an earthquake event, or a mass shooting event, etc. Just imagine what sending all of that loving, higher energy to that situation would have the potential to create!



Overall, using the proven Radical Living strategies in all of these areas takes time, discipline, and practice.  The results will match your efforts, and the results are unlimited as to the quality of Radical Living you can create for yourself.  

If you are interested in creating a Radical Living lifestyle for yourself, contact Elizabeth today for further information and details.  It could be the "game changer" for you!​​