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Well it’s been about a month now since I did my Radical Forgiveness workshop, and to be honest, in the beginning after signing up, and until the day arrived, I had anxiety when thinking about it.  I wondered what kind of voodoo would be done on me to get the results I wanted.  Would I have to tell my sad story in front of a bunch of strangers like a therapy session? Was I crazy to be doing this?

Well I can now reassure you that voodoo was not used and its nothing like a therapy session!!!!  From the time the day started, I could feel that I was in a welcoming, safe environment.  As the day progressed and we worked through activities, things got released in ways I never could have predicted.

I’m so glad I signed up and stuck to it as the situation I chose to work on that day has totally been wiped clean.  Even now a month later when I think about “my issue” I now just smile about it all and know this issue has no control over my life. Now I feel FREE! 

This issue is something I have worked on getting rid of for at least 10 years. You always think “I’m over that”, “I have forgave”, “I have let go”.   I was only kidding myself because every time this issue came back around, it would make a world wind of my life.  I would be left standing there mad at myself for once again falling for it all.  However, I can truly say that’s not going happen anymore.

Thank you Elizabeth for bringing Radical Forgiveness into my life!

Ericka D

I have carried a charge which resonated at 100% with my brother for most of my life. The feelings surrounding this charge included hurt, sadness, abandonment, betrayal, resentment, anger, emptiness, depression, insecurity, jealousy, beaten, and vengefulness. I knew internally this charge needed to be let go and released, so I was open to the Radical Forgiveness technique.

I met with Elizabeth for a total of 5 sessions and at the beginning of the worksheet I found it very emotional. However I learnt through this whole process how all those negative feelings tied into today's negative core beliefs. As well Elizabeth was very supportive and encouraging, guiding me through each step.

With each session completed I began noticing a shift within myself. The reframe statement made a huge difference in how I perceived this life experience with my brother. I now choose to live in the question of "What GIFT might be for me in having my brother in my life?"

I am also looking at this experience through the spiritual realm. What my brother and I are going to do FOR each other, not to each other, through our spiritual contract.

I am forever grateful for the Radical Forgiveness technique. The charge today stands at 10%. With my new found freedom I am willing to look at my brother with love.

Elizabeth is an amazing coach and I look forward to working with her again.

Tracey-Lynn Byrne


The highlight of Elizabeth’s workshop for me was the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony. I felt nervous about the exercise. And felt very vulnerable. These days everyone is so disconnected.  So for me I took a leap of faith and connected with all my heart and soul with each person. The intimacy that developed within a few seconds was priceless.  I realized we all have different pains, experiences, losses, loves, and joy, however we are all connected on a deeper level. A spiritual level. 

Thank-you Elizabeth for a beautiful day full of tears and laughter. And much needed hope...to heal. 


Many people in society would consider Radical Forgiveness to be just one approach / option of many to consider when exploring how to release the soul's resentments, emotions and attachments of the past, and have more long lasting and effective spiritual peace and love in their own souls.  

Elizabeth KNOWS (not just believes) 1000% spiritually that the process of Radical Forgiveness is a fact, NOT just a concept.  As a result, her heart and soul are immersed in this knowledge, and what she has absorbed into her cells and spirit, is so much a part of her.  It is 'who she is'!  

As a Radical Forgiveness Coach, Elizabeth is a natural, not only because she has studied the material, she really KNOWS the material and the spiritual assumptions behind the material.   She has found her true calling because she wants to coach people through the Radical Forgiveness process so they can truly release those resentments, emotions and attachments to the past, and learn that 'we are truly loving spirits', one with God (our higher spirit).  

When I had questions or doubts, Elizabeth readily guided, re-directed, explained, and put the information into perspective so that I really understand the concepts involved behind Radical Forgiveness and why it is effective.    

Elizabeth's introductory sessions on Radical Forgiveness are well thought out and logical, yet still plants a seed of 'intrigue' that propels others [and me] to want to absorb more about the assumptions of Radical Forgiveness.  

As a result of the coaching I received from Elizabeth on Radical Forgiveness, I have already released quite a bit of pain and resentment, and I am looking forward to learning more from her. I believe she has earned the privilege of learning more about the subject, and will become a very adept and proficient Radical Living Master Coach. 

Connie N.​