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This truly magical, one-day workshop offers you the opportunity not just to learn about Radical Forgiveness and how it differs from conventional forgiveness, but to experience it directly for yourself.  You will leave feeling a great deal lighter, free from old emotional pain, and a lot more peaceful.  And the effects are permanent.

Through a special energy-based exercise you will discover where you might be holding emotionally toxic energies in your body and who might be responsible for them.  That, in turn, tells you who you need to forgive during the workshop in order to become free of the negative energies.

The workshop includes the incredible Radical Forgiveness Ceremony during which you get to forgive yourself and everyone else in your life all in the space of about two hours.  

        Workshop Leader:  Elizabeth J. Macarthur 

                                    Radical Living Master Coach

                                    (Personally trained by Colin Tipping)

Eventbrite Link:  https://the-magic-of-radical-forgiveness-workshop.eventbrite.ca

Date: June 17, 2017

Time: 9:30 - 5:00 pm (Registration 9:15)

Place: Social Room, Panorama Apartments, 9915 - 115th Street, Edmonton

Cost: Advanced Ticket: $154.44 (ends midnight June 14, 2017)

         Regular Price:  $194.44



The 'Magic' of

Radical Forgiveness